Video Analytics, best way for user interaction …

ViA-Detector is a embedded, high-performance, real-time video analytics software platform. The embeddable software is able to function on very constrained hardware. This gives a highly portable, cost effective video analytics system.


ViA-Detector offers a wide range of analytics detection functions. System can detect persons, vehicles or static objects.

Some of the standard detection rules are: line crossing, object or person in an area, gender detection, distance detection, group detection. Each rule or combination of rules can generate custom event.

Apart from events, ViA-Detector can track, collect and provide various statistic data to end user. Examples of standard statistic data provided with ViA-Detector are: number of persons in defined area, number of vehicles,dwell time …

Unlimited number or combination of analytics rules can be applied to each camera via centralized software tool. Each unit can be accessed through https web interface.

Advanced scenarios can be generated by simple rules combination.

System can be configured to send data on selected triggers. For example system can capture images from camera and send them to custom mail if it is activated with some trigger (person detected, vehicle drive by …)